Deep cycle GEL battery 12V

Deep cycle GEL battery 12V 15 years design life
Gel electrolyte, acid-free fluid stratification, plate response uniform, enhancing the reliability of large battery capacity and service life. Minimal maintenance, never needs water Shock absorbent thick wall polypropylene cases

• High purity lead calcium-tin alloy grids (patented)

• Classified as nonhazardous, nonrestricted for surface transport

• Safe for air transportation (IATA A-67)

• Non-spill able


Audio & Video Equipment, Geo physical Equipment Burglar and Fire Alarm, Emergency lighting system; Electronic instruments; Railway, shipping; Postal and telecommunications services; Electronic systems; Solar and wind power generation systems; Large UPS and computer backup power; Fire standby power supply; Front load compensation storage device. 2V series of valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery specification table; Solar Power Devices Portable Lights , UPS Equipment, Electric Wheel chairs Riding Toys, Cash Registers, Emergency Lighting Test Equipment, Robotics, Telecommunications